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~ Tuesday, July 12 ~

Rowling’s Last Message

"I felt that it would be a betrayal of the character if I showed Harry doing anything other than living, what all along, he has discovered to be true, which is that love is the strongest power there is."I thought a lot of people that had been through terrible things like wars, and having to come home and rebuild normality after seeing horrors has always seemed to me like such a courageous thing to do. Climbing back to normality after trauma is much harder, it’s much harder to rebuild than to destroy.

"In some ways it would have been a neat ending to kill him [Harry], a neater ending to kill him. But I felt that would have been a betrayal, because I wanted my hero, and he’s my hero, to do what I think is the most noble thing. So he came back from war and he tried to build a better world I suppose – corny as that sounds – both on a small scale for a family and on a larger scale."

J.K. Rowling, 2009

Random fact: Rowling created Dementors to act as a physical portrayal of how Rowling felt in her own life when she fell into depression in the early 1990’s.  

I’m very excited for the last movie.

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